ATP ace: “In the afternoon Roger Federer dresses up for…”

Roger Federer showed in 2003 when he reached his first major final at the All England Club that he was one of the players to overcome Wimbledon after the historic triumph over Pete Sampras in 2001.

Federer beat Sjeng Schalken in the quarterfinals, setting up the match against Andy Roddick, with two youths, and advanced to his maiden Majors semi-final with just one set lost. Federer was motivated to advance much further following an early exit a year ago.

competing fiercely for a spot in the opening final. Federer defeated Roddick 7-6, 6-3, 6-3 in an hour and 43 minutes for the finest Major victory of his career. It was one of the best performances of Federer‘s short tennis career.

The Swiss were performing at a higher level that day, losing 17 points in 15 service games and thwarting both American break attempts to put more pressure on the American. Andy fought well in the first set, but he flubbed a routine forehand on set point at 6-5 in the tie break and never recovered, taking three breaks the rest of the way to help the Swiss advance.

“The first set was important; I thought I was playing well and maintained control of the situation, even in the tie breaks. Even so, Andy played well as well, and I’m glad he missed that forehand because it might have altered the game.

I had to maintain my composure and keep playing, not letting things advance, with or without the first set. After only three sets, I imagine you don’t receive standing ovations very frequently, and that means a lot to me.

On King Roger, Diego Schwartzman

When Diego Schwartzman was questioned by ESPN about the infamous GOAT (best player of all time) controversy, he felt that the Grand Slam competitions could not be the key argument.

The Argentinian chose Roger Federer specifically because of his conduct off the court while claiming to be a fan. “It’s not just about Grand Slam victories for me. I keep an eye on a lot, including activities off the court.

The player that inspires the most fervor among the crowd is Roger. You can hear him speak in French, Italian, or Spanish, and he is friendly to everyone. Despite having four kids, he trains every day. He plays tennis with you in the morning, and then gets dressed up for an event downtown in the afternoon. All of it is perfect! Even if the others are excellent at practically everything, I believe he has a little more charisma.