Carlos Alcaraz: “Juan Carlos Ferrero told me that New York was …”

In every way, including his game and reputation, Matteo Berrettini is improving. Athletes with a strong presence are frequently courted by more or less well-known advertising businesses that boost their popularity. This is related to the success they achieve through what they do in their particular disciplines.

And the Italian tennis star possesses these attributes, which is why renowned companies like Boss, among others, chose him. In fact, Matteo is featured on the front page, the cover of the latest issue of GQ Spain, and a beautiful interview that focuses primarily on his career.

Between the lines, it’s revealed that the budding star Carlos Alcaraz, the current idol of Spanish tennis, has been vanquished by the face of Italian tennis, Berrettini, not only on the court but also recently by Sinner and Musetti. Berrettini was the first Italian to defeat Alcaraz.

Speaking about Matteo Berrettini as a significant individual, this is not the first occasion that the Italian has been requested for an appearance outside of tennis. For instance, Head & Shoulders recently recruited him to work with The Jackal on a commercial that would be shot.

However, a humorous joke featuring comedian Pasquale Petrolo, also known as Lillo, appeared a few days ago. a conversation on social media that inspires fans and followers to imagine the two of them facing off.

Matteo Berrettini, also known as Lillo, was the recipient of a social media challenge from Pasquale Petrolo, and he answered after getting the invitation.

“Hello Matteo I was trying to find someone to play tennis or padel with. We can play a good game if you wish because a buddy told me that you are skilled at both, started Lillo. The Roman tennis player didn’t hesitate to respond, saying, “Hello Lillo, I hear you challenged me, although we don’t know each other.”

In 2022, Alcaraz won two Masters 1000 titles.

Carlos Alcaraz, who is seeded second after Rafael Nadal withdrew from the Montreal Masters 1000 this Friday, spoke with Stefanos Tsitsipas about adjusting to the conditions in North America after competing in two clay-court tournaments in July (finalist in Hamburg and Umag).

“Although it can be challenging to adjust to a new surface, you can think of me as a player that adjusts extremely quickly. I’ll be completely prepared for the hard courts if I work hard before the competition.

There is a Grand Slam nearby; having successful matches and solid performances will boost my confidence going into the US Open. Juan Carlos wished me luck in New York; I want to travel there and perform in front of the city’s supporters. He also gushed about how wonderful the tennis club is.