Daniil Medvedev claims, “Novak Djokovic beat me easily, and I made sure to..”

On Wednesday, Daniil Medvedev will begin the Canada Masters title defense against Nick Kyrgios. Daniil discussed how he prepares for each match and how he focuses throughout the matches in his pre-tournament interview. The Russian spoke about his matches versus Novak Djokovic in Major finals from the previous year and the changes he made between the Australian Open and the US Open.

Daniil reached his second Major final and arrived in Melbourne on a significant winning streak. In an hour and 53 minutes, Novak Djokovic, who was on the other side of the net, defeated the Russian to win the Australian Open for the ninth time.

After a strong showing in sets two and three, Novak earned a late break in the first set and received a huge push that helped him cross the finish line. In order to break Djokovic‘s winning streak and win the first Major title, Medvedev made sure to properly prepare for the US Open final.

Novak tried to complete a calendar Grand Slam that night at Arthur Ashe Stadium, but it was not to be for him. Daniil put up a standout performance from start to end, winning 6-4, 6-4, 6-4. The Russian outplayed the Serb and won by a career-high margin with 38 winners and 31 unforced errors while playing brave and aggressive tennis.

With two breaks in the first two sets and a few more in the third, Medvedev won the match and earned immortality in tennis. Daniil scarcely dropped a point while serving in the first game and quickly took the lead after grabbing a break.

During his two Major finals against Novak Djokovic, Daniil Medvedev said.

In the tenth for 6-4 and a lift, Medvedev controlled his games and held. Five break opportunities were lost by Djokovic at the start of the second set, and he soon suffered the price.

At 2-2, Daniil defeated him and then made three easy holds to build a 6-4, 6-4 lead and advance toward the finish line. With nothing going his way, Djokovic broke in games one and three of the third set, falling behind 4-0 and far from the illustrious victory.

With one more effort, Novak extended his chances by saving a match point at 2-5 and recording his first break of the match. The Serb held in game nine to reduce the deficit to 4-5 before Daniil put an end to the contest by holding at 30 seconds on his third match point a short while later.

“The Australian Open final vs Novak is my finest example. I was ecstatic and full of confidence after 21 straight victories. I did not under-prepare for the confrontation since I followed my schedule.

Novak, however, easily defeated me in the end. When the game was over, I wondered, “How is that possible?” Although I was in a terrific mood, something was lacking. I had every intention of winning the US Open final. I’m not claiming that’s why I prevailed, but I was more organized.

That is impossible to do for every match. You would have exhausted yourself by the third round from overthinking. You must, however, treat every interaction seriously. All the players may succeed, and I make a full effort to prepare for every game, “said Daniil Medvedev.