Iga Swiatek discusses her thoughts on playing on the grass after an early Wimbledon exit.

Swiatek only competed in one grass event this year, Wimbledon. “I felt most strongly that I had much to learn about grass courts. It’s not an excuse; it’s just the truth; I can play on grass, but not yet at a level that is suitable.

Following that game, I was also exhausted. It was quite taxing to play in tournaments for several months and compete in six finals straight; perhaps it was time to take a break. The second half of a season is challenging since the players have been away from home for several months and are more physically and mentally worn out.

I’m relieved I had a few days to myself because of this. I’ve gained knowledge from my brief experience with grass and will go into the following season with more wisdom “Telling Przeglad Sportovy was Swiatek.

Swiatek on altering her behavior

Swiatek used to be very hard on herself after defeats and she once thought that others would only evaluate her based on her performance.

Thanks to Daria Abramowicz, a sports psychologist, Swiatek now has a much better outlook on life. “Absolutely. When I was younger, I believed that losing a game affected how people felt about me and how they saw me.

My self-esteem was impacted by defeat. It altered after working with psychotherapist Daria Abramovicz and others. Now that I am much more aware, I understand how crucial it is to work on that “said Swiatek. Swiatek, meantime, is beginning her summer this week in Toronto on hard courts. The top-seeded player in Toronto, Swiatek, got a bye in the opening round.