Iga Swiatek: I’ve always believed that my chances of achieving something noteworthy are slim.

Iga Swiatek, the current world number one, acknowledged that she didn’t really think she could achieve anything in tennis. 21-year-old Swiatek is currently regarded as the best female athlete. Two-time Grand Slam champion Swiatek has held the top spot in the rankings since March.

Swiatek is thought by many to have the potential to become one of the greatest tennis players in history. According to Swiatek, “I always felt that I was not very likely to accomplish anything remarkable.”

Why Swiatek didn’t think she could accomplish big things

Agnieszka Radwanska headed Polish tennis prior to Swiatek. Radwanska had a somewhat successful career, reaching Grand Slam finals and once being ranked second in the world.

Swiatek was just happy to have something to do besides go to school when she began playing tennis “I didn’t think I could be the next great Pole like Agnieszka Radwaska because she was the only athlete among the almost 40 million Poles who had accomplished something remarkable.

I’m a logical person, thus this is how I perceive the world. Because the world doesn’t operate in a zero-one fashion all the time, this strategy is occasionally unrealistic. But that’s the reason I had that thinking.

However, I put in a lot of hours since I enjoyed the competition and having a job outside of school “Explained by Swiatek. Swiatek was given a jolt of inspiration when she produced her first remarkable successes as a junior.

“Along the way, there were motivating moments that let me realize I was on the correct track. My first appearance in a junior Grand Slam competition was undoubtedly one of them. I competed in the French Open at the age of 15 against players who were younger than 18.

Everyone, including myself, was amazed when I made it to the quarterfinals. My realization that hard work pays off because it can be a cool way to spend your life came from simply being there, on these courts, seeing the great tennis stars pass by.

In addition, I participated in the two weeks during which tennis dominated Paris. That was something I had never seen before “Swiatek threw in.