Ivan Lendl: “GOAT title is influenced by vaccine decisions”.

Ivan Lendl revisited the debate about who is the greatest tennis player of all time, which has centered on Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and Novak Djokovic for years among tennis players, experts, the media, and fans.

It is difficult to determine who the GOAT is in today’s tennis world, especially in light of political decisions over vaccinations, according to the Czech-born tennis star who dominated the ATP circuit in the late 1980s with eight Slam victories and 270 weeks at the top of the rankings.

Former coach of Andy Murray acknowledged in words that the outcome of the vaccine case involving Novak Djokovic might be significantly impacted. He declared, “The political decisions made about immunizations have some bearing on the GOAT title fight.”

Ivan Lendl: “COVID has influenced the title at GOAT.”

Lendl, an American citizen since 1992, appears to have supported the Serbian in the contest to be crowned the best tennis player in history.

Pete Sampras and Roger Federer? not even mentioned Roger has authored pages of tennis history, despite this. Rafael Nadal currently holds the title of tennis player with the most major victories thanks to his outstanding performances in 2022. He has won 22 Grand Slam trophies, as opposed to Nole‘s 21 and Roger Federer‘s 20, who hasn’t played in almost a year.

With 38 Masters 1000 victories to Nadal‘s 36, Djokovic holds the record for the most Masters 1000 titles. He also holds the record for the most weeks spent atop the ATP rankings, with the Swiss coming in second and Rafa well behind.

The Spaniard, unlike the Belgrade native, can also boast Olympic singles gold, but he has yet to compete in an ATP final, compared to Djokovic‘s five and Federer‘s six.

The former 80s celebrity said, “If there is a problem with vaccination, we will know the solution if Novak Djokovic wins additional Grand Slam titles at the end of his career.

However, if Rafa Nadal wins another championship, we will need to address the issue of the vaccine and how it affected Nole‘s career.”