“Novak Djokovic inspires people to disobey the law,” says Jonathan Reiner

Jonathan Reiner, a cardiologist at George Washington University Hospital and a guest on Patrick McEnroe‘s most recent show, examined the Novak Djokovic US problem. Reiner clarified: “I believe Novak Djokovic ought to be allowed to compete in the US Open.

At the same time, I believe he acted inappropriately at the worst of the pandemic. He was expected to serve as an example, yet he failed to do so. He led many individuals to transgress the law by acting selfishly. Athletes should uphold the highest ideals of society because of their immense influence.

Especially last winter, Novak committed acts of blatant selfishness.” Representative for the State of Texas Louie Gohmert backed with Djokovic in an interview with the Daily Caller: “Nole has already triumphed over famine and war in her life and gone on to become one of the greatest tennis players ever.

It would be unfortunate if the Biden administration’s obtuseness prevented him from competing in the US Open.”

What is going to occur in New York?

The Masters 1000 tournament in Montreal, which will be held the following week, has received formal word that Novak Djokovic would not be attending.

Given that the Canadian government has shown no signs of openness and the Serbian phenomena has not received a coronavirus vaccination, it was forced to give up in the face of the evidence. The US Open, which begins on Monday, August 29, in New York, is when the former world number one is hopeful that things will change.

Nole has experienced joys and sorrows thus far in 2022, in part because she decided against receiving the double dose. The “Djoker” suffered severe reputational harm and was unable to defend his championship at the Australian Open at the start of the year.

The 35-year-old Belgrade native was forced to withdraw from the Masters 1000 events in Indian Wells and Miami in the spring for the same reason. Ivanisevic, Goran’s protégé, has rejuvenated his season by winning Wimbledon for the seventh time in his career, but he faces a big risk of missing the final major of 2022.