Patrick Mouratoglou: “Rafael Nadal has changed the parameters of his game which….”

Lleyton made six breaks compared to Rafa’s five, and Lleyton played his best tennis in the tiebreak since he had no margin for error. Lleyton then used that momentum to win the decisive set and leave the youthful Nadal without a victory.

Nadal isn’t yet at his best.

Patrick Mouratoglou spent a lot of time discussing Rafael Nadal‘s improved first serve during the conversation. “His serve changed from being a technique to begin the point to becoming a true weapon.

He has modified some aspects of his method, which has given him the ability to increase his power. His improved weight distribution was one of the main modifications. [Notice how his body was less involved in the shot than it is now and how he projects forward, “Mouratoglou observed.


“In order to accentuate the whip effect, he altered his stroke position as well, keeping his elbow higher and letting his racquet drop lower in his back. His arsenal now includes a new shot.

He frequently employed the slice to move Medvedev to the net in the Australian Open final. He even employed drop shots to cast doubt upon him “Mouratoglou said.

“Rafa’s volleying skills have also improved, and he is now more likely to approach the net. I don’t believe he would be the player he is now if he hadn’t made those adjustments.”