Roger Federer has a little bit more, according to ATP star

“There is no such thing as holding serve comfortably when dealing with him. No matter how beautifully you served, he was always going to find the ball on the balls of my feet the majority of the time if he had a chance to hit it. He was aware that he had to serve aces in addition to the best he could.

He was insufficient to make a large serve. It feels good to say that I never felt like my opponent was there as I moved around the floor. Due to my tennis game, I was aware that it was about me. When playing someone like Andre, it’s even more crucial to focus on yourself because you can’t pay attention to what your opponent is doing or is going to do. I just knew I had to do that.”

Former No. 1 Federer

When Diego Schwartzman was questioned by ESPN about the infamous GOAT (best player of all time) controversy, he felt that the Grand Slam competitions could not be the key argument. The Argentinian chose Roger Federer specifically because of his conduct off the court while claiming to be a fan.

“It’s not just about Grand Slam victories for me. I keep an eye on a lot, including activities off the court. The player that inspires the most fervor among the crowd is Roger. You can hear him speak in French, Italian, or Spanish, and he is friendly to everyone.

Despite having four kids, he trains every day. He plays tennis with you in the morning, and then gets dressed up for an event downtown in the afternoon. All of it is perfect! Even if the others are excellent at practically everything, I believe he has a little more charisma.”