Serena Williams discusses whether or not she still speaks to Venus Williams about tennis.

According to Williams, “honestly, we don’t discuss a lot about tennis.” “Tennis is perhaps a topic we don’t truly discuss anymore after a century of talking about it together.

However, it’s beneficial to simply be present. And it’s just cool when she’s around. She is Venus Williams, after all.”

The Williams sisters made a joint appearance in Toronto.

Serena and Venus were both in the spotlight on Monday.

Serena was the first to take the court, and she advanced to the Toronto second round by defeating Nuria Parrizas-Diaz 6-3, 6-4. Unfortunately, her sister wasn’t as fortunate, as Venus lost to Jil Teichmann 6-2, 6-3. Serena asserted that she is developing both intellectually and physically after defeating Parrizas-Diaz.

Since the 2021 French Open, Serena hadn’t won a singles match. “I feel great. I thought today’s competition went nicely. I believe I’m progressing mentally. I’m not in my usual spot, and I’m not in my ideal place.

However, I believe that every game I play, win or lose, aids in my mental preparation. I feel much better physically during practice, so getting it to the court is similar. For me, it usually only takes one or two things before something clicks.

I’m thus simply waiting for that to happen “explained Williams. The winner of Serena Williams‘ match against Tereza Martincova will take on Serena next. Serena has matches after Toronto in Cincinnati and the US Open. How far Serena can advance this week in Toronto remains to be known.