When Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic were the perfect players that Rafael Nadal developed

Twenty years ago, Rafael Nadal made his professional tennis debut. Even after 20 years, the Spanish player is still one of the finest in the world despite putting forth significant effort to get better and sustaining numerous injuries. When Rafa opened his tennis complex in Kuwait two and a half years ago, he was challenged to create his ideal player.

Nadal listed some of his fiercest competitors along with a few other athletes who, due of their distinctive shooting styles or mental toughness, fit into his module. Rafa highlighted Andy Murray, Roger Federer, and Novak Djokovic‘s and their respective top shots.

When describing his ideal player, the Spaniard also suggested Dominic Thiem, David Ferrer, Ivo Karlovic, and Gael Monfils. He also chose himself in the category of tenacity, claiming that he has consistently given it his all despite accidents and disappointments.

“I had to pick Novak Djokovic for backhand. He has many alternatives throughout the rallies and can attack down the line and crosscourt while playing excellent defense from that wing. I’m going to go with Roger Federer‘s forehand since he strikes the ball really early and finds ways to win from all over the court.

Roger’s forehand is a potent weapon that can be used flat or with added spin. The game’s strongest first shot is Ivo Karlovic’s serve. In practically every match, Ivo serves brilliantly, which eliminates any opportunity for the returner to score before the tie break.

Rafael Nadal discussed Kuwait 2020 and his ideal player.

In the segment of choice, I would pick myself. After every injury, I’ve received the right resolution throughout my career. I persisted in practicing fervently so that I might reach my objectives and compete in every match.

Dominic Thiem is my vote for most physically fit. The fastest player now playing is probably Gael Monfils, and Andy Murray, in my opinion, has the best shot repertoire. In this field, talent is crucial. Making the right choices is made simpler if you have the ideal technique, the ability to attack or play defensive tennis, and a strong slice and return.

The best attitude was that of David Ferrer. He was continually enhancing both his entire game and his outlook on the court. David excelled in a wide variety of tasks. The vision of Roger Federer is outstanding. On the court, inspiration fuels him, and he reacts quickly to make the proper choices.” stated Rafael Nadal.