When we were young, my sister Agata received most of the tennis attention.

Tennis instructors were paying more attention to her sister Agata, Iga Swiatek confessed, but she added that this was primarily due to Agata’s age—she was three years older. Iga was seen as being more gifted at the time, while Agata had greater discipline.

Tennis was given up by Agata in junior high. Iga, on the other hand, persisted in pursuing a career as a professional tennis player, and the rest is history. “When we were young, Agata received the majority of the focus—I mean, the quantity of training sessions and the coach’s engagement.

She was older, therefore everything she did was probably more sophisticated as a result. When people would compare us or I overheard my father talking about us covertly, I always came across as the more talented one while Agata was the more conscientious.

I was a very active and perhaps even a little bit forgetful child, so I occasionally needed a reality check to develop a sense of responsibility, to acquire regularity and discipline. On the other hand, Agata was on the right track from the beginning “Telling Przeglad Sportovy was Swiatek.

Swiatek on beginning her sporting career in a pool

Swiatek tried her hand in the pool before picking up a tennis racket. Swiatek never really enjoyed swimming, but the moment she took up a tennis racquet, she instantly felt a connection to the sport.

Swiatek also claimed that her sister Agata was a skilled swimmer. “I disliked it because I was terrified of the sea. I still don’t like swimming. I like to simply splash around. In addition, the associations are negative because I used the pool to recover from injuries.

Although my sister was a better swimmer than I was, I wasn’t. Life goes its own way, and various things happened that caused us to act in different ways. I started playing tennis, and I’m glad I did since, unlike swimming, I enjoy it “Swiatek acknowledged.