Bianca Andreescu discusses Serena Williams’ retirement announcement.

Open final in Toronto when Williams retired with a 3-1 deficit. Andreescu won her first Grand Slam championship the same year after defeating Williams in the US Open final.

Andreescu stated, “I feel honored to have gotten the chance to play her and even connect with her in some manner. “I was stunned beyond belief. Since I just woke up, I’m confused when I hear that. You are aware that she will eventually retire.

But it’s stunning when she actually does make the announcement. because you believe that athletes of this caliber will continue to play. I mean, I believe she is now 40?”

Williams has significantly impacted women’s tennis, says Andreescu

Williams stated in her announcement that she wants to put her family and career first.

“But she has done so much for tennis for women, for the sport. I believe she now stated that she is concentrating on a new chapter in her life. I’m delighted for her, so,” Andreescu remarked. Williams will turn 41 in a month, yet she found it very tough to announce her retirement.

“This subject does not bring me joy. I realize it’s unusual for me to say this, but I’m in a lot of pain. It’s the most difficult thing I can fathom. I abhor it. I detest having to stand at this turning point.

I keep telling myself that I want things could be simple for me, but they aren’t. I’m conflicted because I don’t want it to end but I’m also ready for what comes next “Williams acknowledged in her Vogue article.