“I’m always criticized,” says Emma Raducanu to her detractors.

Emma Raducanu returned to the court in her birthplace after the Citi Open. She said in a press conference prior to the first game: “I’m overjoyed to be back in Toronto since it has been a while.

It’s nice to be back in touch with this location and find some old recollections of the city. I can’t wait to start competing and to go to some sites that I am very familiar with. The field is fairly fast, I would say a little faster than last week in Washington, and the ball flies a lot. The stadium is enormous and quite beautiful.”

The British reflected on their experience in the capital of the United States, saying, “For me it was a very nice week, I had the opportunity to play three good individual matches, and I think I performed at a decent level at different periods, so I view this experience as if it were a victory.”

“I’m always criticized,” says Emma Raducanu to her detractors.

The tenth-ranked player in the world is back to discuss the adjustments made following his performance at the US Open: “Nothing has changed; I continue to act in the same manner.

I’m still a young lady, only 19 years old, therefore my parents still advise me on many matters. This season has been challenging; I’ve faced numerous obstacles, but I’ve also learned a lot.” relating to the Williams sisters “Having them in the competition and getting to know them in the locker room is wonderful.

It’s great that my box office is quite near to Serena’s. I could claim that I grew up with them because I have watched them perform on television my entire life. They have accomplished so much for tennis, competing at such high levels for so many years, overcoming challenges, and improving on their previous accomplishments.

They have nothing left to prove; if they didn’t want to, they could stop playing tennis, but they enjoy it. People of my generation can find inspiration in their entire story.” Regarding the critical remarks she is receiving: “Whatever I do, there will undoubtedly be criticism; even when you do something well, someone will come up to you and offer critique.

I try not to spend too much time on social media because I believe that someone will always find a weapon to use against me. I prefer to consider everyone who genuinely helps the players and supports the Tour.”