More and more people are backing Novak Djokovic.

A season that was in danger of failing was saved by Novak Djokovic, who won at Wimbledon for the eighth championship in his career. The Serbian champion struggled throughout the first quarter of 2022 as a result of his decision to forego getting inoculated against the coronavirus.

At the start of the year, the former world number one was banished from Australia and suffered significant image harm. The 21-time Grand Slam champion was forced to withdraw from the Masters 1000 tournaments in Indian Wells and Miami in the spring for the same reason.

The 35-year-old Belgrade native’s participation in the US Open 2022 is still incredibly doubtful because the US government does not appear inclined to amend the regulations governing international admittance. After a brief holiday, Nole has returned to training, but he has already stated that he will not participate in smaller competitions to gain points.

Nebojsa Jovanovic, the president of a sports management firm in the US, urged the US Open organizers to support Novak Djokovic more in a recent interview with “Sputnik.”

Nole Djokovic and Jovanovic

In a recent interview with Sputnik, Jovanovic—who owns a sports management firm in the United States—discussed all of the things he has done to support Novak Djokovic.

He is adamant that the authorities are not exerting all reasonable efforts to persuade their government to reverse the rule. In regards to the trip, Jovanovi remarked, “I find it incomprehensible that the principal didn’t try to send a letter, and they said in advance that they won’t do anything, they just respect the administration.”

They would have done anything to bring [Rafael] Nadal or [Roger] Federer, you can almost feel it. Earlier, John McEnroe remarked of Djokovic, “Golfer Tiger Woods is the first person that springs to mind with Novak.

He appeared to utterly lose control after having problems with his wife, and he has never even come close to the same player since. Despite Agassi’s support for Djokovic, the pair’s collaboration barely lasted a year since they did not get along very well.

The Serb failed to capture a single Grand Slam championship during that time. The limitations and regulations governing Covid-19 immunization in the USA are currently making it difficult for the Serb to enter the country. Many people anticipated Novak would win the US Open after his victory at Wimbledon this year. Unfortunately, it appears that he won’t perform at Flushing Meadows later this month.