The ATP star admits, “That defeat to Rafael Nadal in the championship taught me…

Rafael Nadal chose to boycott the Masters 1000 tournament in Montreal because he didn’t want to take any chances after fixing an abdominal tear at Wimbledon. When the Spanish superstar chose to skip the Canadian away match in favor of instructing the serve, he experienced some discomfort.

The former ATP number 1’s participation in the Cincinnati tournament and whether he’ll head straight to the US Open later this month are both still up in the air. The 36-year-old Manacor native who was capable of winning the Australian Open and Roland Garros experienced a lot of happiness in 2022.

Thus, the Iberian elevated himself to 22 Majors, giving him an advantage of +1 over Novak Djokovic and +2 over Roger Federer. By winning Wimbledon for the seventh time in his career, the Serbian has closed the gap but is unlikely to travel to the United States to compete in the season’s final Grand Slam.

Rafa would have a good chance of ending the year at the top of the ATP rankings if he kept playing this way. Casper Ruud used a press conference before the Canadian Open to reflect on his match with Rafael Nadal in the Roland Garros 2022 final.

Ruud will take on Rafa Nadal

Casper Ruud, the number 4 seed in Quebec, will take on the Slovak Alex Molcan for the right to compete for the championship little over two weeks after winning it on clay in Gastaad by defeating Matteo Berrettini in the final.

The Norwegian acknowledged that the contentious final versus Rafael Nadal at Roland-Garros in June had given him more strength despite the severe loss during a news conference during the media day. “Until Roland Garros, I hadn’t had a very, very significant Grand Slam result.

My belief and self-confidence in my ability to try again and compete in more finals increased after my defeat to Nadal in the championship match. I guess I feel like I’m getting into my stride at the highest level in the globe. Nadal is now coping with an abdominal strain he sustained during Wimbledon.

Fans are hopeful about his comeback despite taking into account his past. Furthermore, according to John McEnroe, his exceptional power and conditioning will enable him to overcome any obstacle. The horrific injury that the 14-time winner of the French Open sustained at the Wimbledon Championships quarterfinals is still bothering him.

The injury not only negated his chance to complete the calendar Grand Slam, but it also diminished his prospects of winning the US Open this year.