The ATP star claims that Novak Djokovic is not given enough credit because.

After John Millman questioned the US for sanctioning Novak Djokovic at the US Open, Dustin Brown acknowledged that each nation has the freedom to make its own laws. Djokovic‘s lack of a COVID-19 vaccination puts him in danger of missing the US Open.

Due to the fact that they no longer require a negative result in order to enter the country, the US authorities have lately loosened some of their restrictions regarding COVID-19. Foreigners must still present immunization documentation while entering the nation, though.

“An idea for today. I don’t have to answer any questions if I’m covid positive and fly to the US. However, if a person has recovered from covid and is currently covid-negative but hasn’t received the vaccination, admittance will be refused.

I am aware of the border regulations, but please explain “Tweeted Millman “Every nation has its own set of laws. Why is it okay to carry a beer along the street in Germany but not in others? as a result of their policies, “Regarding Millman’s tweet, Brown reacted.

Millman said earlier this week that it is absurd to exclude Djokovic from entering the country because American residents aren’t truly abiding by COVID-19 principles and guidelines. “Covid and I are out. Just returned from the US, where it didn’t seem like many people were adhering to the recommendations or regulations.

That’s okay, but I don’t see why @DjokerNole can’t come compete “Earlier, Millman tweeted. After his initial tweet, Millman followed it up with another to elaborate on his viewpoint. “Just to be clear I would support a vaccine admission policy if everyone in the nation adhered to the rules.”

Cerundolo considers Djokovic.

On a tennis podcast called “3iguales,” Francisco Cerundolo remarked that Novak Djokovic should be commended for being “honest.” “I don’t think of [Novak] Djokovic as the bad guy.

Quite the opposite. People have a strong romantic attachment to Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer. It’s honest when Novak expresses his feelings, Cerundolo stated. Cerundolo predicts that Djokovic, who has won 21 major championships, would eventually surpass both Federer and Nadal in the race for the most men’s singles Grand Slam titles.

“Novak will undoubtedly surpass both in Grand Slam victories. The player who goes the furthest to aid those who make the least money is Djokovic. To those who participate in challengers or futures games,” said Cerundolo. All present indications point to Novak Djokovic being denied admission into the United States of America and missing the US Open as a result.