After coming out as LGBT, Daria Kasatkina discusses the scenario for which she was prepared.

After coming out as gay, Russian tennis player Daria Kasatkina said she was “prepared for the worst.” Figure skater Natalia Zabiiako and Kasatkina’s relationship was made public in July. The announcement made by Kasatkina was made two months ago.

Kasatkina has been well-supported by the tennis world ever since. But Kasatkina anticipated a strong response from her nation because it isn’t one that is particularly accepting of the LGBTQ+ community. Sincerely, I was ready for the worst.

In light of our attitude, I predicted that it would be dark. However, I was somewhat aback by how everything worked out in the end. Quite cool. According to Sportskeeda, Kasatkina replied to Ksenia Sobchak, “Not everything is as horrible as I anticipated.

On her orientation, Kasatkina

“There were no homosexual lads or lesbian girls nearby when I was a child. It had no effect on me. The Tatu group was the worst that could have happened (Russian music group). I don’t believe orientation can in any way be encouraged.

This or that must be chosen. In the end, I still enjoy girls, despite everything,” Kasatkina said. Kasatkina, who turned 25 in May, said that it wasn’t particularly simple for her to accept herself before coming out.

She does not, however, regret her decisions. “Because of the pressure from society, it took me a long time to accept myself. Even when you start to comprehend something, you still believe there is something wrong with it. You start to hold it back for yourself.

You begin living a double life while hiding. Additionally, you eventually stop knowing who you are. I recently came to the realization that I don’t care at all,” Kasatkina continued. Kasatkina has won two championships since coming out as LGBT.

Despite losing in the first round of the US Open, Kasatkina had a successful North American hard court swing. Kasatkina achieved her goals this summer by reaching San Jose and Granby.