Svetlana Kuznetsova sends Serena Williams a heartfelt homage.

the court.

Gratitude and congratulations for a remarkable career, @serenawilliams PS: I’ll be waiting for you to invite me to join you for this camomile tea, Kuznetsova commented on Instagram.

Williams and Kuznetsova fought 13 times.

Despite having a poor record against Williams, Kuznetsova didn’t make a fool of herself.

Kuznetsova had three wins and ten losses in her 13 encounters with Williams. However, Kuznetsova was facing the American when she was at her best and one of the most dominant players in tennis history, so to defeat her three times is an accomplishment.

Williams has received tributes from all sides since retiring. Williams spoke candidly about how she wanted to be remembered after her career’s final tournament was over. After her final match, Williams observed, “There are so many things to remember by.

“Like the battle. Such a fighter, I am. I believe that I truly offered something to the tennis court. The various expressions, the fist pumps, and the sheer, insane intensity. I believe that the term “passion” is a really nice one.

just keeping going despite the ups and downs. I could continue forever. However, I genuinely appreciate having this experience and being Serena, so Kuznetsova won her first and only French Open championship in 2009. Williams lost to Kuznetsova in the French Open quarterfinal that year.