The causes behind Andrey Rublev’s removal from office, according to Cameron Norrie

Cameron Norrie attributed his exit from the US Open to a lack of energy and a feeling of being a little too relaxed. Norrie was eliminated from the US Open on Monday after losing to Andrey Rublev 6-4 6-4 6-4. Normally, Norrie doesn’t provide free points to opponents, but Rublev was an exception.

In the third set, Norrie also shattered his racket out of frustration, which is unusual for the top-ranked British tennis player. Norrie admitted that Rublev gave a strong performance, but he made it clear that he wasn’t criticizing him.

Norrie on Rublev’s defeat

“I thought I played well and served effectively to get out to a great start in the game. I could have been a touch too lethargic and relaxed. I don’t know why,” Norrie explained.

“In the second set, I went through a phase when I wasn’t hitting my backhand and I was missing a lot. It wasn’t like me to make mistakes on my backhand side. I can typically count on that side. Andrey seemed to give me truly nothing, even if he was a rock.

He deserves full credit. Perhaps the only opportunity I had was when I threw my racket, which resulted in me having a little more energy and moving much better for the next roughly 20 minutes. For me, that was arguably the highlight of the game.

I learned a lot from it. But Andrey deserves all the credit because he outdid me today by giving me nothing.” Norrie wanted to have a great Major run at Flushing Meadows after making his first Grand Slam semifinal at Wimbledon.

Norrie had a very successful campaign even though he didn’t go to another Grand Slam semifinal because it was the first time he had advanced to the second week at Flushing Meadows.