After Rafael Nadal upset, Tiafoe’s champion girlfriend fled with her mouth agape.

Ayan Broomfield, a former NCAA national champion and tennis pro, was astonished as Frances Tiafoe’s girlfriend stood there for a few seconds after the final point of his triumph over Rafael Nadal.

Broomfield posted her response on Instagram, where she frequently publishes.

What led to Frances Tiafoe’s romantic relationship?

The American Frances Tiafoe disclosed the beginning of his relationship with his current partner Ayan Broomfield, who stood by him at this year’s Rogers Cup, during a press conference in Toronto in 2018.

“You’ve probably heard of Vickie Duval, who suggested that you all start dating in 2015 early that year. Okay, that’s rather daring, I thought “said Tiafoe. “However, Instagram is definitely popular these days, so she slipped in her direct messages.

It was very strange. I don’t typically do it, but after a little period of conversation, I asked for her phone number. And I thought, “Okay, well, the US Open is soon.” You’re from Canada. You must have brought your family or anything like.

She avoided it and made an effort to appear elusive. She ultimately arrived after that. She viewed my gameplay. That year, I believe I played Georgia. It was 2017. followed by mixed doubles. I talked to her for a while. I spent some time with her because she had relatives in Harlem.

We haven’t even started dating yet, and here I am meeting your family. This is going quite quickly, but that was a different story. On my last day there, I told them that I was leaving and that they should return to Canada.

You’re soon to depart for Clemson. UCLA, in fact. However, I thought, “Well, I guess this is my chance.” Possibly a date? I finally did it over FaceTime after that. Even so, I didn’t do it in person. I won’t even try to be honest. I felt tense.

I felt tense. Yes, she replied. She took a long moment before responding, “Yes.” The tale continues after that, so sure.”