Andy Roddick: Roger Federer makes the competition seem simple.

Andy Roddick believes that getting sponsorship and endorsement deals was greatly aided by his outgoing nature and successful showings at the US Open and Wimbledon. Roddick was asked to explain what helped him develop a marketable image in a Boardroom interview.

Since he was “very mediocre” in comparison to a great like Roger Federer, who “makes the game look effortless,” Roddick acknowledged that it was probably not his style of play. Roddick told Boardroom, “I could serve incredibly good, but beyond that I was really ordinary.

Roger [Federer] makes the contest appear simple. Because it appears that Rafa [Nadal] has put more effort into his game, I believe that people can relate to him. Since I blended in with the New York set, I don’t believe anyone ever had to speculate about how much effort I would put forth.

It was possible that I would damage anything. I was not very good. I believe I was fairly honest, too. I believe that struck a chord with some people. If I had an opinion, I wasn’t afraid to voice it or make it known. It was advantageous that my finest performances came at Wimbledon and the US Open, two of the competitions that businesses arguably pay the most attention to.

Roddick wore Lacoste and was an American Express sponsor.

Roddick and Reebok parted up in the beginning of 2005, and he was in danger of appearing in tournaments without a clothing contract. Roddick was the world’s second-ranked player and a Grand Slam champion at the time.

Roddick was left without a clothing contract when he and Reebok were unable to come to an agreement on a new contract. Roddick wore Lacoste on the court for the remainder of his career thanks to a swift agreement reached by his reps and Lacoste’s.

The United States now has a number of talented players, including Jenson Brooksby, Frances Tiafoe, and Sebastian Korda. Roddick gave them one piece of advise because sponsorship and endorsement offers were probably on the way. I believe that saying “no” has significant power.

Sometimes when someone succeeds, I kind of shudder when the following week there are eight new deals. Being thoughtful, not rushing, and sort of allowing the game come to you are all important. As 50% of the connection, you are welcome to ask questions as well, Roddick stated.