‘Creative’ Nick Kyrgios is more like Roger Federer than Rafael Nadal, according to Wally Masur.

Former Australian Davis Cup Team Captain Wally Masur believes that one of the main factors contributing to Nick Kyrgios‘ success this summer is his use of “creative tennis.” After defeating Karen Khachanov in the US Open quarterfinals, Kyrgios advanced to his first Grand Slam final at Wimbledon.

On Sunday, Kyrgios defeated Daniil Medvedev, the top seed, 7-6 (11) 3-6 6-3 6-2. By being aggressive, going for his shots, and forcing Medvedev in awkward positions, Kyrgios came out and earned the victory over the Russian.

Masur: Kyrgios is more like Rafael Nadal than Roger Federer.

“Nick, you are taking a risk now after all these years. He is inside the court, he is taking the ball on the rise, he is being aggressive, it is hard-court tennis, and he is playing hard-court tennis.

Masur commented on Stan Sport’s Grand Slam Daily, “Thank you. Although he had the option, he decided not to. He intentionally chooses to challenge opponents from behind. Of course, he possesses a fantastic serve that keeps him competitive in every match.

In the Medvedev fight, he really displayed his originality and flair. He’s more like Roger Federer than Rafael Nadal, I guess. Play like it, use your imagination, and just take control of the game by putting your opponent on the defensive. That’s what he did.

Now, saying that is great, but you also need to put it into action, which he did. After defeating Medvedev, Kyrgios fell to Karen Khachanov in the quarterfinals, losing demoralizingly in five sets.

Kyrgios didn’t hide his disappointment after the match as he admitted to feeling “like s—.” Despite the defeat, Kyrgios had yet another successful run this year.