On how Serena Williams and Venus Williams influenced Cori Gauff’s tennis career

Cori Gauff aspires to follow in the footsteps of the Williams sisters and serve as a positive role model and inspiration for young people everywhere. Gauff, 18, lost to Caroline Garcia in the US Open quarterfinals on Thursday. Gauff had hoped to win her maiden Grand Slam championship at the US Open this year, but she will have to wait for another chance to win a Major.

Gauff talked out on how Serena and Venus Williams encouraged her to pursue a tennis career after she was eliminated from the US Open. “I believe for the most part, just continue to do what you want to do, no matter what people say,” she added. “For me, for any kid, but especially ones that look like me.”

“The Williams sisters, in my opinion, undoubtedly encouraged me to take up tennis because I saw someone who resembled me competing in a sport where there weren’t many others. I want to be that for other children. That’s about all I have to say, yeah.

Just continue to be our authentic selves. Be yourself instead of trying to fit into any preconceptions.” Gauff laments Garcia’s victory Garcia defeated Gauff 6-3 6-4, giving the Frenchwoman a slim chance of victory. Garcia started the match off well by breaking Gauff twice to take the opening set.

Garcia defeated Gauff in the opening game of the second set after taking the first set. The remainder of the match saw Garcia maintain her serve as she won the match in two sets. Gauff remarked, “Her level was amazing for me today.

“Coming in, I was confident it would be fantastic. I believe I didn’t perform at the level I should have in order to win today. Overall, I’m quite proud of my performance in this competition, but I still want to improve. possibly next year.”