Alex Corretja assesses Frances Tiafoe’s prospects of winning the US Open.

Frances Tiafoe has unquestionably given us enough grounds to hope that he can win the US Open, according to tennis great Alex Corretja of Spain. Tiafoe defeated Andrey Rublev 7-6 (3) 7-6 (0) 6-4 after stunning record-holding 22-time Grand Slam champion Rafael Nadal in the US Open last-16.

Tiafoe will compete against Carlos Alcaraz, a fellow countryman of Corretja, in his maiden Grand Slam semifinal. When he faces fourth-ranked Alcaraz, Tiafoe, who has already defeated one top-5 player this fortnight, will be aiming to repeat the feat.

Corretja stated on Eurosport that “in his mind, he is not thrilled that he only made it to the semifinals.” He believes he can win the match, and I have faith that he will because, in all honesty, he is a very skilled tennis player who is also extremely shrewd and cunning.

We’ll find out. The fact that he is taking so much pleasure in his time on the court is what matters most to me. It appears that he is having fun, which is difficult at this level of the Slam as you are trying to advance to the semifinals.

It’s lovely to watch someone play the game that well.

Barbara Schett and Corretja applaud Tiafoe

Tiafoe had a lot of bravery and competitive attitude in his match with Nadal. Despite the fact that Nadal was the clear favorite, Tiafoe entered the match aiming to force Nadal to leave New York.

Tiafoe has received praise from Schett for the manner he has fought and competed over the past two weeks. He put in the hard effort and was working much harder, according to Schett. Because he tries to take the balls so early, particularly on those returns, “I think that confidence shows in his game.”

When they face off at the US Open, Tiafoe and Alcaraz will do so for the second time on the main level. Tiafoe defeated Alcaraz on Barcelona’s clay courts the previous year. This summer, Tiafoe and Alcaraz also faced off in the Hurlingham exhibition, with the American coming out on top in a straight-set victory.