Serena Williams’s expert uses data to show that she is not the GOAT

Serena Williams is not the greatest player of all time, according to statistics cited by Craig Gabriel, a writer for the Williams sisters’ website for 12 years, according to Nine Radio (GOAT).

“People try to rewrite history, but the facts speak for themselves,” writes Craig Gabriel for Nine Radio. “Using those facts and data, there is a question mark on whether Serena Williams is the GOAT.” According to Gabriel, the number of weeks spent in the top spot and the total amount of titles should be used as the basis for selecting the GOAT.

“Serena lasted 319 weeks at No. 1, compared to Stefanie Graf’s astounding 377 weeks and Martina Navratilova’s 332 weeks, who both hold the record. With 186, Graf and Williams share the record for the most consecutive weeks at No. 1.

Serena is barely in sight when it comes to simultaneously holding the No. 1 position for singles and doubles; she has nine weeks left compared to Martina Hingis at 29 and Navratilova at 103. Behind Navratilova and Chris Evert, Williams has the third-most year-end top 10 finishes, according to Craig Gabriel of Nine Radio.

Serena is behind in terms of trophies won, according to Gabriel. “When it comes to titles, Margaret Court still holds the lead with 24 majors, followed by Williams on 23 and Graf on 21, but Serena comes in fifth overall with Navratilova holding 167, Evert 154, Graf 107, and Court holding 92.

Serena won eight titles in one year, which is less than Court, who won as much as 21 in 1970, according to Gabriel.

After informing Evert that Serena is the GOAT, Tiafoe laughed.

Serena Williams was referred to as the “GOAT” in an interview with Chris Evert that took place after Frances Tiafoe defeated Rafael Nadal. Serena Williams was the dark horse of this year’s US Open 2022.

When Evert questioned Tiafoe about his attire and who served as his inspiration, Tiafoe made a humorous reply. The GOAT, without a doubt, is Serena Williams. I’m sorry, Chrissie,” Tiafoe replied. After telling Evert that Serena Williams is the GOAT, Tiafoe laughs up in the video below, adding, “Sorry, Chrissie.”