Rumor has it that Simona Halep will move closer to the Mouratoglou academy.

In Nice, which is close to Mouratoglou’s tennis academy, Simona Halep may be considering moving, according to the Romanian daily Orange Sport. According to Orange Sport sources, Simona Halep (WTA 7th place) is nearing a decision to live abroad permanently in a location that has captured her heart and is also by the sea like Constanta, her hometown.

Simona Halep would have mentioned multiple times to those close to her that she would prefer to settle down in Nice, France. She has a growing sense of proximity to the stunning city on the Cote d’Azur, a significant hub for luxurious travel.

Simona Halep has reportedly wanted to take this significant life step for a long time, and the athlete reportedly canvassed her closest friends’ opinions as well, according to Orange Sport.

The tennis academy of Mouratoglou is 35 minutes by car from Nice’s city center.

Halep speaks about her connection to Mouratoglou.

Halep acknowledged that since she began training with Mouratoglou, her love for tennis has returned.

“Since I don’t trust people easily and am not particularly outgoing, I didn’t really anticipate that to happen. But from the minute I met him, there was just a tremendous connection “According to Halep, who was cited by CNN, Mouratoglou.

“Before coming here, I was practically done because I didn’t have that fire anymore and I didn’t believe I could play at my best again. In finding it here, I once more understood why I enjoy playing tennis “Added Halep.

I play tennis because I love it, and he rekindled my passion. In addition, Mouratoglou praised Halep. “I adore seeing her play. She’s an incredibly exciting player because, in my opinion, she has a tremendous game “explains Mouratoglou to CNN Sport.

“She was already a fantastic player, but she had much more potential. I could see the development she was capable of. Obviously, the passion is the most crucial factor. The athletes won’t do anything noteworthy if they lack passion.

People also experience times in their lives when they temporarily lose their love for the game or develop a diminished affection for it. I don’t believe Halep snapped, “Mouratoglou said.