After seeing Michelle Obama in the audience, Frances Tiafoe describes his funny reaction.

As former First Lady Michelle Obama watched the match, Frances Tiafoe became worried that she could think he is “a bum” because he was having trouble returning at the beginning of his match against Carlos Alcaraz.

In a five-set US Open semifinal match, Tiafoe was defeated by Alcaraz on Friday night at Arthur Ashe Stadium. “I kind of turned my head right when I saw her about 2-1 in the first. She gave me a glance. I had already spotted her when they announced her on the Jumbotron.

She was being pointed at by everyone. I noticed her. I believe I missed a return. Yes, she believes I am a loser who is unable to make a return (smiling), “said Tiafoe. “It was absurd to see her there. Present were undoubtedly a number of famous people there tonight.

Of course, we understand what she means. Crazy. Crazy finally meeting her. I’ve seen her before, although the situation is slightly different. She recognizes me and is genuinely happy to see me. Unbelievable, I agree. Incredible night.”

Tiafoe on his stunning tie-break performance

Tiafoe had an 8-0 tie-break record throughout the US Open.

On Friday, Tiafoe lost against Alcaraz 6-7 (6) 6-3 6-1 6-7 (5) 6-3 in five sets. Tiafoe began giggling after winning two sets in a tie-break after being 8-0 in tie-breaks at Flushing Meadows. Even he was speechless.

Tiafoe replied, “Man, I don’t know. “That is absurd. After I won the fourth in the tiebreaker, I was grinning. This is bizarre. I’m not sure. I suppose the breakers are simply reasoning. I’m not sure what to say at all.”

Tiafoe almost missed out on making it to his first Grand Slam final, but on Monday, he’s expected to make his first-ever top-20 ranking.