Former tennis player who will become the sport’s Paige Spiranac makes waves at the US Open

In a New York Post piece, former tennis player turned influencer Rachel Stuhlmann declared her desire to become tennis’ Paige Spiranac. The New York Post reports that Rachel “turned heads in a fiery red tennis attire that featured a pleated little skirt and a plunging crop top” when attending her favorite event, the star-studded tournament in Flushing.

The 30-year-old gained national rankings in both singles and doubles while playing tennis at the University of Missouri from 2010 to 2014, according to NY Post, before deciding to pursue a career in journalism.

As the top tennis influencer, Rachel Stuhlmann describes herself as a “Global Events & Media Manager” for Top Court.

Stuhlmann wants to be the tennis equivalent of Paige Spiranac.

Stuhlmann aspires to emulate the success of Paige Spiranac, a well-known tennis influencer with over 3.6 million Instagram followers alone.

“Paige does her thing with golf, and she’s a terrific role model, but tennis isn’t like that at all.

I simply feel that for me, I would love to continue drawing attention to all the various tournaments I wish to attend. My main objectives are to increase the game’s accessibility and relatability. In order to get people interested in the sport and to show them the various life stories around it in a positive way, I’ve always said yes to opportunities inside the game and to everything that coincides with that.

I want to continue doing that. Stuhlmann stated, “I really appreciate what she does in golf, therefore that’s what I’m trying to accomplish in tennis.” “Paige Spiranac seems to have been my source of inspiration for a time.

I could definitely identify with what she said in a tweet that she posted: “I used to be so anxious about being taken seriously and winning over people who didn’t even like me. When I started enjoying my content and doing what I wanted, everything in my business changed.