Knowing why every success is based on the mind

The outer world is getting more and more of our attention. We look outside of ourselves for what, in reality, can only be found within us in the form of approval, idol observation, and measuring the goals attained.

Working only on the interior aspect of ourselves is crucial for success.

The ability to think and act with inner greatness involves accepting personal accountability for our thoughts, feelings, and deeds, regardless of the challenges we face.

We must learn to use our minds to stay concentrated during performances, steadfast in the face of difficulty, and inspired during times of boredom if we are to realize our hopes and goals.

Like with any skill, this mental toughness may be developed with practice and dedication.


It’s crucial to keep in mind that telling people what to do rather than what not to do helps the brain function BETTER.

When we give the body a negative command, the mind will entirely disregard it and carry out the unwanted activity.

Take a skier who is ready to travel off-piste as an example. If he tells his mind to concentrate on avoiding the trees, his emphasis will be on the trees themselves, which will cause him to collide with them. He should concentrate on the open hallways he can use instead.

Instead than concentrating on challenges or our fears, we need to concentrate on what we want to do and accomplish.

Keep in mind that thoughts and mental pictures are followed by actions; therefore, we must look in the direction we want to go and not in the opposite direction!


I frequently get asked how to control the mind or what is necessary to get mental dominance.

The same is my response: TRUST IN YOURSELF! We can only unwind and be our best selves when we feel safe. The primary condition for being able to take charge of your thoughts and steer it in the direction of your desires and/or objectives is having self-confidence.

The second query I receive is, “How can I boost my confidence?”

The response is usually the same in this case as well: PREPARE.

When we adequately prepare ourselves, we release the tension and reduce the stress because, if we perform an action or simulate a situation in advance, we will feel completely in control and at ease because we would have already seen and prepared for it when the time comes for the actual performance!

Athletes can gain confidence in their technical prowess through physical preparation, but mental preparation—where visualization plays a key role—sets them up for success under pressure. The best athletes are excellent at visualizing not only the ideal situations but also their reactions to unpleasant, challenging, and complex ones.

BE AWARE: They don’t concentrate on the issues themselves, but rather on how they would respond to them! If not, they would experience the downward cycle we discussed at the beginning of the essay!

The following week, I was going to learn more about the power of visualization, how to stop self-sabotage, and how to make dreams come true.