“Serena Williams has gone beyond the bounds of sport,” says Mats Wilander.

Serena Williams has recently received tributes from all the top athletes. Speaking to Eurosport, Mats Wilander emphasized the US star’s immense influence. He clarified: “Serena has had a significant impact on both the sporting community and the United States as a whole.

She has radically changed the landscape of women’s tennis and expanded its horizons. We shall remember her most for her spirit of resistance. She has never given up and, in fact, has always responded to difficulty.

She, too, steadfastly refused to give up throughout her final game. Clearly, she didn’t want to lose, but she never gave up hope. You’ve maintained the proper balance. Even though winning the US Open wasn’t what she actually cared about, she offered the supporters hope that she could.

They were all in awe of Serena for the last time, which had them all ecstatic. If she genuinely retires from tennis, that was a fantastic conclusion.” Barbara Schett also provided her perspective on the matter: “It’s still difficult for me to accept that Serena’s time has passed.

We can only express our gratitude and best wishes for her future.”

Leaving the game, Serena Williams

Serena Williams‘ career is now concluding after her defeat in the third round of the US Open. Despite falling short of Margaret Court’s 24 Slams, experts agree that the American icon remains the best of all time.

The former WTA No. 1 has elevated women’s tennis to a new level and won the hearts of millions around the world. Serena’s inability to perform at the highest level owing to her age and increasingly regular medical issues has tormented her over the past two seasons.

She made this really difficult choice because she wanted to spend more time with her family and was prepared to focus on other endeavors. Though the outcome was not what she had planned for, the 23-time Grand Slam champion gave herself a lovely send-off at Arthur Ashe Stadium.

Williams revealed during a news conference that she would prefer to maintain contact with the tennis community under a different name.