Simona Halep underwent surgery to address a medical condition.

After having surgery on her nose, Simona Halep will be out for a while. Halep, 30, had been struggling with respiratory issues for a while before deciding to get surgery to fix the issue. Halep will need to rest from exercise for at least a few weeks following the procedure.

“Hello everyone, as some of you may already know, I’ve been having trouble breathing for a while due to nose issues that worsened during the summer, especially in Washington, and made it more worse at night when I experienced a completely plugged nose.

The only option was to have surgery, which was done by Dr. Daniel Popescu, who also used the procedure as an opportunity to do plastic surgery. I also want to thank my anesthesiologist, Dr. Uleia Alex.

I’ll need a few weeks of rest before I can resume any physical activity, but I’ll see you on the tennis court shortly “Halep made this statement in a tweet.

Hello, I have a message for you that is really essential. See you soon on the tennis court, Simona Halep (@Simona Halep) September 12, 2022

Halep announced her impending divorce.

For Halep, the recent weeks have not been pleasant. First, Halep was eliminated from the US Open after falling to qualifier Daria Sniguer in the opening round.

Then, Romanian media announced last week that Halep and her billionaire spouse Toni Iuruc were getting divorced. The allegations were accurate, Halep posted on Instagram over the weekend to reaffirm them. “We both agreed that Toni and I should go our own ways.

I ask that the media respect our right to privacy and handle this story with fairness and tact “Halep published a story on Instagram. Halep might benefit from taking a break after everything that has recently happened to her. It is unknown when Halep will be able to resume competing.