After a “mad chaotic night” seeing Alcaraz, tennis player turned Playboy was upset.

Ashley Harkleroad, a former tennis pro who is now a Playboy model, was disappointed to miss Carlos Alcaraz‘s final match at the US Open after enjoying a “mad crazy night” following the Spaniard’s semifinal triumph over Frances Tiafoe.

Because Ashley Harkleroad was cheering for her daughter at a USTA tournament, she was unable to see the US Open final. “I’ve spent the entire day here! The final round includes my girl! Harkleroad tagged one of her Instagram stories with the hashtag “#usta12s.”

Alcaraz also won, I heard! Yay! Good day! Another narrative was captioned by Harkleroad. The former tennis player also uploaded a clip of Alcaraz‘s triumph and added the statement, “So sad I missed this match.”

Alcaraz triumphed over Harkleroad.

Ashley Harkleroad, a former tennis player turned PlayBoy and OnlyFans model, has a new favorite tennis player: Carlos Alcaraz.

I’m in for a wild and crazy Friday night. Alcaraz-Tiafoe will be on my couch while I watch. Is that what I said? In any case, I adore Alcaraz. I’m sorry, but tonight, I’m pulling for him,” Harkleroad wrote on Instagram.

Ashley Harkleroad responded right after after Alcaraz prevailed in the semifinal. “The finals with my new favorite player. One more to go! “, Harkleroad tagged Alcaraz as she wrote. Former tennis player defeated by Alcaraz: “I have a wild chaotic night ahead of me”

The Alcaraz vs. Sinner matchup has Harkleroad energized.

Former WTA tennis player Ashley Harkleroad, a model for Playboy who participates on the OnlyFans platform, commented on Jannik Sinner and Carlos Alcaraz‘s US Open quarterfinal match on Instagram.

“Spreading out while watching the US Open. Alcaraz or Sinner: for whom are you rooting? One of Harkleroad’s Instagram stories has the caption, “” The former tennis player who is now a Playboy and OnlyFans model is anticipating Alcaraz vs. Sinner.