Alex Corretja discusses Carlos Alcaraz’s victory at the US Open and ascent to the top spot.

Alex Corretja, a former semifinalist at the French Open twice, said Carlos Alcaraz winning the US Open was a significant development for tennis. In the US Open final on Sunday, 19-year-old Alcaraz defeated Casper Ruud to win a Grand Slam title.

Alcaraz won the US Open at the youngest age since Pete Sampras (1990) and the Grand Slam at the youngest age since Rafael Nadal (2005 French Open). As Alcaraz is the new world No. 1, the top spot was also at stake in the US Open final.

1. Despite failing in his attempt to win his maiden Grand Slam championship, Ruud, 23, was still deserving of praise, according to Corretja.

On Alcaraz won the US Open, Corretja

Corretja told Eurosport, “I’m incredibly emotional, and not only for Carlos, but tennis in general.

“I believe it was more like a tennis party, a sporting event, and both players were trying to fight as hard as they could. Since he was a young child, I have known Juan Carlos [Ferrero]. Carlos, who was only 19 years old, handled the situation expertly.

The most crucial thing was that he eventually found a way, despite being exhausted and experiencing moments of terror. This season, Alcaraz has made some rather noteworthy accomplishments. Alcaraz has a Grand Slam, two Masters championships, and the number one ranking this year.

Alcaraz told Corretja after the US Open final that winning a Grand Slam and rising to the top of the rankings was a dream come true for him. Alcaraz told Corretja, “It’s amazing to have this trophy in my hand and be No. 1.”

When I first started playing tennis, I always had this as my goal, and I’ve worked hard to get here. It’s a very wonderful occasion for me and I will never forget it.” Alcaraz‘s amazing ascension will surely be one of the highlights of the 2022 season.