Bernard Tomic gives a motivational speech after winning his first championship since 2018

After winning his first championship since 2018, Bernard Tomic is more inspired than ever to perform at his best. At a 15K ITF competition in Cancun last week, Tomic reached the finals. Tomic didn’t lose a set on his way to winning Cancun.

Tomic sent an encouraging message on his Instagram Story after winning his first championship since 2018 with the words: “The person I’m becoming is going to shock a lot of people.”

Tomic is completely committed to tennis.

Tomic declared after the 2021 season had concluded that he was determined to make some significant contributions to the game before retiring.

Before the 2022 season began, Tomic stated Channel 9’s A Current Affair, “I can win Wimbledon.” “I’m definitely a top 10 player in the world on grass, as we all know. That much is certain: I’ll finish it before I retire.

Additionally, Tomic acknowledged that early in his career, he probably wasn’t really dedicated to the game. Tomic wants to end his career on a high note because he doesn’t want to look back on it later.

“The clock is ticking. I’ve come to the realization that I need to get over it, return to the game, finish it out properly, and retire content. Free from guilt,” Tomic remarked. There were several options open to me.

In my professional life, I could have won Wimbledon. But I’m confident that I can succeed. Before I retire, there will be a window in the next five or six years, and I’m going to take advantage of it. I’m going to do it because I have my sights on it. In October, Tomic will turn 30 years old.

The majority of athletes reach their peak performance before turning 30, yet Tomic thinks his greatest tennis is still ahead of him.