Carlos Alcaraz is informed by Nick Kyrgios, “I told you!”

Carlos Alcaraz continues to astound everyone by capturing the top ranking and winning the maiden Grand Slam championship. Thanks to a four-set victory over Casper Ruud in the US Open final, the Spanish tennis player, 19, is among the youngest to win a Grand Slam trophy and the world’s youngest ranked player at the age of 19.

The new Grand Slam champion had begun the year ranked 31st in the world, with the quarterfinals of the US Open serving as the highest Grand Slam milestone. This result caps a season of rapid progress. While Carlos Alcaraz‘s ascent to the top of the rankings appeared to be within his grasp given the improvement in his standing over the course of the months, winning the Grand Slam remained a challenging objective.

His greatest success came at the most recent Roland Garros, where he reached the quarterfinals before falling to Alexander Zverev. His career path at the previous two Grand Slams, however, was cut short in both instances in the fourth round.

The story of Carlos Alcaraz

So it was difficult to predict who would win the Slam title, but someone did.

On social media, Eurosport posed the question, “Who will be the contender for the US Open title?” and included numerous biographies, including Carlos Alcaraz‘s. Nick Kyrgios had made it clear in black and white in an Instagram story that the Spaniard was the candidate winner.

The Spaniard was reminded of Kyrgios‘ pre-tournament forecast during the press conference following the triumph. The US Open champion then recalled the amusing note the Australian had written to him. Nick clarified: “Being sincere, I looked through Instagram’s private messages.

Nick Kyrgios sent me a message, which I noticed. I only caught a portion of the message, which said: I told you!” Alcaraz has given numerous interviews to the Iberian media in the last few hours, including RTVE, the Efe Agency, ABC, and Antenna 3 Sport.

The Spanishman is indeed highly ambitious, as evidenced by these words: “I rapidly attained a goal, but now it’s time to set new ones. I’ll keep striving to stay at the top for as long as I can. Sincerity be damned, I have no idea what I’ve done or the effect I’ve had.

I wish to travel to Spain to visit with all of my family and to observe the events firsthand.”