Top analyst: “Carlos Alcaraz grew up watching them on TV”

Carlos Alcaraz disclosed that Nick Kyrgios messaged him after correctly predicting that he would win the US Open. Even before he was defeated, Kyrgios, who withdrew from the US Open after losing to Karen Khachanov in the quarterfinals, identified Alcaraz as the favorite to win the competition.

Alcaraz, who is 19 years old, won the US Open on Sunday by defeating Casper Ruud in the championship match. Shortly after Alcaraz‘s victory, Kyrgios sent the 19-year-old a text message informing him of what would transpire.

“I frankly check my Instagram DMs. Nick Kyrgios sent me a message, which I noticed. Although I didn’t read the entire message, I did notice that it contained the words “I told you so,” Alcaraz stated. Alcaraz was noticeably shocked when reporters informed him of Kyrgios‘s prediction, calling it “insane” that the Australian had picked him as the favorite to win the US Open.

Alcaraz said that he thought Kyrgios was one of the top favorites to win the US Open. “For me, Kyrgios saying that I am the favorite or that I will win the event is absurd. He is certainly one of the favorites, in my opinion.

He is qualified. Off the track, he would assert, is where he is more serious. He plays unbelievable, in my opinion. Everyone is aware. Yes, he is one of the tournament favorites as well,” Alcaraz remarked. Many believed that Kyrgios and Alcaraz would face off in the championship after Kyrgios defeated Daniil Medvedev and Frances Tiafoe helped Rafael Nadal turn things around.

Alcaraz was able to escape his section of the draw, while Kyrgios was unable to do so following his shocking loss to Khachanov.

Alcaraz achieved his first Grand Slam victory.

Throughout the two weeks of the US Open, Mats Wilander, a special consultant for the newspaper L’Équipe, tried to analyze what makes Carlos Alcaraz such a unique player.

The 19-year-old Spaniard, in the Swede’s opinion, is a cross between Federer, Nadal, and Djokovic. “Carlos is what Roger (Federer), Rafa (Nadal), and Novak produced” (Djokovic). He watched them on TV as a child. Rafa inspires him with his enthusiasm and competitive spirit.

He learns Roger’s drop shots, serve and volley, and other artistic strokes. Additionally, he borrows Novak’s mobility and flexibility. He moves faster than Novak, albeit I’m not sure he does so much better. Despite everything, he battles with a smile, unlike Rafa, who does not.

That was something new to us! possibly with Gustavo Kuerten, but otherwise… More amortizations are attempted by him than by any other great player. He truly is the offspring of a sport owned by Roger, Rafa, and Novak. I believed Stefanos Tsitsipas might be that thing. Carlos Alcaraz went much further with it.