Rafael Nadal’s record may be broken by Carlos Alcaraz.

Even though Carlos Alcaraz is only 19 years old, he has already proven that he can compete on all court types. As a result, many people have no boundaries and dream of a phenomenal record for the Spanish tennis player, particularly in the wake of his US Open victory.

There have only been a select few tennis players in history who can claim to have won each of the four Grand Slam competitions. Alcaraz may challenge Rafael Nadal‘s record and battle to win on hard, clay, or even grass.

The tennis player from Mallorca who accomplished the Career Grand Slam at a younger age was his own countryman; Alcaraz, who is only 19 years old, still has a solid opportunity to do so. With Alcaraz, who would become the youngest player to win all four Grand Slam competitions, an unprecedented feat would be accomplished. It is crazy to imagine that Roger Federer accomplished this record at the age of 27, while Novak Djokovic had to wait until almost 30 years old.

The other two, André Agassi and the Australian Rod Laver, who won at the age of 31 years and a month, who can profit from this record, are even further behind in the standings.

The youngest players to complete a career Grand Slam are listed below.

24 years, 3 months, and 10 days old is Rafael Nadal

Federer, Roger 29 months and 30 days old

Djokovic, Novak 29 years, 14 days old

André Agassi, age 29 8 days and 1 month

Age: 31 years and 1 month, Rod Laver

History was made by Alcaraz.

After winning the US Open, Alcaraz set astounding new records.

The young Spaniard not only became the Game’s youngest No. 1 in history at the age of 19, but also captured his first Grand Slam title. Amazing numbers and an early start with all the admirers who are curious about where the gifted Iberian tennis player would go next.

Alcaraz has risen to the top, and as said in the conference, he has no intention of giving up this position; rather, he is prepared to set new records. He made the following remarks the day following the competition victory: “I rapidly attained a goal, but now it’s time to set new ones.

I’ll keep striving to stay at the top for as long as I can. Sincerity be damned, I have no idea what I’ve done or the effect I’ve had. I wish to travel to Spain to visit with all of my family and to observe the events firsthand.

Since I first began playing tennis, I have been aspiring to this, and I have worked incredibly hard to achieve it. Now that I am ranked first and a Grand Slam champion, things will be more challenging, but I want to remain composed and demonstrate what to accomplish. My intention is to have pleasure while playing and to prove myself.”