The success of Roger Federer is a result of his love for Mirka.

Stainless couple: Miroslava Mirka Vavrinec and Roger Federer met at the Sydney 2000 Olympics, when she was already a successful tennis player and he wasn’t yet well-known. Behind Roger Federer‘s achievements are their relationship and Mirka’s presence.

The Swiss Maestro’s private life was stabilized by Mirka, who gave him emotional peace and helped him create a lovely family with their four children. In the past, Roger has acknowledged the significance of Mirka to his life and work “She merely wanted to spend time with me; she had no specific requirements.

Mirka has always been a wonderful wife, which is definitely true in my case as well. She has received a lot of praise for the work she has done during my career. She has attended each of my practices and games for years.

She has played a significant role in my life overall and not only in terms of tennis. She has never been detached from me and has always lived with my interests and my best interests in mind.”

The success of Roger Federer is a result of his love for Mirka.

Roger hadn’t yet won a title when they first met “I had not yet achieved any success when I became engaged to Mirka.

She is a capable and powerful woman who really influenced me both on and off the field. She had faith in me and encouraged me to always give my best. She has also remained close to me after every setback. She has never permitted our daily life to be disrupted by my work-related gambling.

Mirka has helped to keep our friends and family together and has taught me the value of choosing your own path and ignoring the opinions of others. We enjoy cracking jokes in public and have an intensive and adventurous life together. We have four children and are doing everything we can to provide them the best possible future.”