Iga Swiatek discusses a lesson she hopes to pick up from Serena Williams.

Iga Swiatek believes Serena Williams gave the best example of how to exploit her position as the top player to your advantage. Williams, who won 23 Grand Slam titles, dominated the sport for two decades. Swiatek is observing Williams and attempting to learn from the American how she handled “the pressure and intimidation” of being at the top of the game. Swiatek is currently the face of the women’s game and the most dominant player in the game.

“I sense it. It doesn’t seem like I can use it all the time. Serena actually demonstrated how to do this. Because she had long held the position of dominance and was making use of the pressure and intimidation that came with it.

She made good use of it to ease the difficulty of her matches, particularly in the beginning. I believe I was able to achieve that a few times, but I would like to do it more frequently. I definitely am conscious of that, and I want to try to use it appropriately.”

On pursuing a Career Grand Slam, Swiatek

Swiatek won her maiden US Open championship on Saturday after defeating Ons Jabeur. Currently, Swiatek has won the US Open and two French Opens. In order to complete a Career Grand Slam, Swiatek still has to win the Australian Open and Wimbledon.

“I suppose it was always sort of my dream, but I’m not going to really concentrate on it because tennis is a sport where unexpected things frequently happen. So I’ll just keep learning and concentrate on the procedure.

But I’ve always maintained that it’s a dream. But to make it a goal, I still feel that I need to improve my skills on grass “said Swiatek. Swiatek will undoubtedly be the overwhelming favourite to win the Australian Open championship in January if nothing unforeseen occurs.