Jannik Sinner is a wonderful person, according to Carlos Alcaraz

The teenage prodigy Carlos Alcaraz has conquered the world with his victory at the US Open 2022. The talented 19-year-old from Murcia not only won his maiden Grand Slam championship, but he also became the youngest player to ever hold the top spot.

The tennis player’s interviews have been pouring in over the past few hours, and Alcaraz spoke into Gaia Piccardi’s microphone for Corriere della Sera. These are her exact words, in her own words. He stated: “After the final, I nearly didn’t believe it; even though I feel like a regular person, everything that has happened is extraordinary.

I never imagined I’d get to this point at only 19 years old.” Tennis players Carlos Alcaraz and Jannik Sinner have repeatedly battled one another in recent months and have established themselves as the present and the future of this sport.

Jannik Sinner is a wonderful person, according to Carlos Alcaraz

While in Flushing Meadows, Alcaraz turned off a match point for the Italian team and defeated them in five gruelling sets. Sinner defeated Wimbledon and Umag.

The tennis player from Iberia disclosed information regarding his relationship with Sinner. Added him: “During the match against Jannik Sinner, I realised I might win. It’s a wonderful competition because he inspires me and I think I inspire him in return.

It doesn’t happen very frequently, a match lasting five hours and twenty minutes. Despite the fact that I don’t speak flawless English and he doesn’t speak the best Spanish, we get along just well. There is no doubt that he is a tennis talent, but what really got my attention about him was how approachable he is.”

In this early stage of his career, the Spanish tennis star has broken numerous records and racked up remarkable figures, but he doesn’t seem to be planning to stop anytime soon. The Murcian champion also discussed his personal life, stating: “While I occasionally miss my pals and stay up late, I generally enjoy myself despite having little. Passions? golf, padel, and supporting Real Madrid. I’m single right now because love hasn’t yet come.”