Simona Halep considers the 2022 season, a panic attack, and a nose operation.

9 in the world After a nose operation, Simona Halep declared that her 2022 season is gone. Halep reflected on her 2022 season in a message to her followers. “I came extremely near to giving up tennis in February because I didn’t think I had the strength to reclaim the top 10.

Halep stated in a message shared on her social media platforms, “I was going through many stressful times and I thought it is time to stop since it is mentally damaging. Halep was eager to succeed at the French Open after appointing Patrick Mouratoglou in April.

Unfortunately, it put too much pressure on her, and she ended up passing out in the middle of her defeat to Qinwen Zheng in the second round. “I believed Roland Garros was the occasion, given all my preparation, where I needed to perform at my best.

When I lost at the US Open, I understood that I’m utterly mentally fatigued because I couldn’t manage the pressure, Halep admitted.

Halep will skip the remainder of the season.

Halep made the decision to have surgery this week to treat her respiratory issues.

Halep’s nose had plastic surgery as well. “After having breathing issues for a number of years that only got worse with time, I made the decision to do as my physicians advised and have the necessary surgery. I was unable to accomplish it earlier since I was unable to find the required three months for recuperation.

As I did not like my nose at all, I also underwent the cosmetic procedure that I had wanted to perform for a very long time. I’m sure a lot of people can relate,” Halep continued. Halep remarked when asked about her future intentions that she would take some time to recover and rest before getting back into action.

“At the moment, my only thought is getting better. What is certain is that I won’t be able to participate in any official tournaments this year. My season in 2022 is ended. 2022, you were a year full of everything that was interesting!

2023: See you on the court! Halep stated, “I believe I still have a lot to do on a tennis court, as well as some goals.