Daniel Evans describes Roger Federer’s behavior toward him.

Roger Federer has been praised by British tennis player Daniel Evans for his humility and “down to earth” demeanor. Evans, 32, had multiple opportunities to strike with Federer. The Swiss and his team were quite kind whenever Evans and Federer hit.

“Yes, I think highly of him and his group. We put in a lot of practice. Of course, every day I imagine spending two and a half weeks in Dubai. Yes, that was wonderful. Roger was slick “As reported by Sportskeeda, Evans. “Yes, I believe that his being a very, very normal, down to earth person who was obviously good in king-like stature in the sport is the highest compliment I can pay him.

He treated me and everyone others exactly as a regular guy on the street would treat his mate. The highest praise I can bestow upon him is that. It goes without saying that having a practice partner is highly helpful. Yes, he was the type of person whose phone would never ring loudly during a press conference.”

Federer has never beaten Evans

Evans faced Federer four times during the course of his professional career. Evans and Federer first met at Wimbledon in 2016, where the Swiss defeated the British player in straight sets. At the Australian Open in 2019, Federer defeated Evans in straight sets.

Evans lost to Federer in three sets at the US Open the same year. Evans and Federer engaged in their fourth and final matchup last year. Federer returned to competitive play in 2021 March in Doha after a one-year off.

Federer defeated Evans in the round of 16 in Doha 7-6 (8) 3-6 7-5. Evans came close to defeating Federer in Doha, but at least he was able to prevail in a set this time. Evans never managed to defeat Federer, but he will undoubtedly always cherish the opportunity he had to occasionally train with the Swiss.