In response to Halep’s “blocked nose” operation, Paula Badosa

Paula Badosa, the fourth-ranked player in the world in the WTA, commended Simona Halep for having the guts to reveal that she underwent rhinoplasty. “ Simona Halep wrote such an open and sincere letter. We appreciate you sharing these ideas and using your personal experience to benefit others.

Simona, please recover soon. wrote Paula Badosa on Instagram.

Simona Halep discloses having a nose job

After having surgery on her nose, Simona Halep will be out for some time. Before electing to undergo surgery for her breathing problems, Halep, 30, had been having them for a while.

After the treatment, Halep will need to refrain from exercising for at least a few weeks.”

Hello everyone, as some of you may already be aware, I have been dealing with nasal issues for a long, and they grew worse during the summer, especially in Washington.

Breathing became difficult as a result of this issue, and it got worse at night when my nose was completely plugged. Surgery was the only option available to address the issue. It was carried out by Dr. Daniel Popescu, who also used the occasion to undertake cosmetic surgery.

I’m grateful. I also like to thank Dr. Uleia Alex, my anesthesiologist. Every step was successful. I’ll need to take a few weeks off from exercise before I can resume it. I’ll see you on the tennis court shortly “Halep made this statement in a tweet.

Halep describes her current predicament.

Halep used social media to update her fans and followers after announcing the results of her nose surgery. Hello everyone I want to discuss my current circumstances with you, think back on this year’s events, and, as I always did, express my true emotions.

You are all aware of this because I’ve mentioned it frequently, but in February I was on the verge of quitting tennis because I didn’t think I had what it took to climb back into the top 10. I was experiencing a lot of anxiety and decided it was time to stop because it was emotionally unhealthy.

Then I had the good fortune to learn about Patrick’s Academy, where I had such intense passion that it restored my love for tennis. Patrick helped me gradually come to the realization that I can still play tennis at a high level. I was completely receptive to everything he advised me to do, including the method and volume of work I should undertake.

I gave it my all. My objective was quite clear: I set myself a year to return to the top 10.