Roger Federer converses with everyone in the locker room, according to a renowned coach.

Tennis enthusiasts won’t forget September 15, 2022, easy. Roger Federer made his tennis retirement announcement in the early afternoon of an unnamed late summer day. Following the Laver Cup, which will be held at the O2 Arena in London from September 23 to 25, the former world number one will put his racket away.

The three knee surgeries the Swiss superstar had in the last two and a half years prevented him from returning to competition, despite his best efforts. The King recognized he couldn’t carry on at age 41.

The news of his departure provoked a wide range of responses around the world that went beyond the realm of our sport. Everybody wanted to honor the most adored tennis player in history. London is sure to be a roller coaster of feelings.

Simon Graf spoke with Severin Luthi, who provided an explanation of Federer‘s decision to terminate his professional career.

Luthi first engages Federer.

“I believe Roger Federer‘s main legacy will be his kind nature. That matters more than whether you took home more or fewer titles.

His consideration for others as well as how he conducted himself around them. Roger has helped make players regard one another with more respect “Luthi stated. Federer constantly converses with everyone in the locker room, and the Swiss Davis Cup captain reaffirmed his confidence that he won’t abandon tennis.

“In the changing room, he converses with everyone. It makes no difference who it is. He puts the individual first. Yes, his accomplishments won’t be quickly forgotten. However, I believe that the human element is even more crucial. What I also consider to be very encouraging is that I know he won’t abandon tennis “Added he.

Roger Federer praised each and every member of his coaching staff in his retirement address, particularly Severin Luthi, who he described as “always there for me.” “I want to express my gratitude to my wonderful team, which includes Ivan (Ljubicic, ed. ), Dani (Troxler), Roland (Biedert), and, in particular, Seve (Lüthi) and Pierre (Paganini), who always supported me and provided the finest advise.

Tony (Godsick), who has artistically directed my company for more than 17 years, is another. You are all so incredible, and I enjoyed every second with you “the Swiss stated. Along with Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic, Federer is regarded as one of tennis’ “Big Three,” but Wilander requested that Andy Murray also be included to make the group a “Big Four.”