Roger Federer is assisted in seeing the positive side of retirement by skiing star Lindsey Vonn.

Legendary alpine skier Lindsey Vonn responded to Roger Federer‘s announcement of his retirement. Despite being plainly angered by the Swiss Maestro’s choice, Vonn tried to see the positive side of things. “Nooooo!! Such a bummer to see you go.

However, we can now ski! On Instagram, Vonn posted. Roger Federer, a former world number one tennis player, and Lindsey Vonn, a four-time World Cup champion in ski racing, engaged in a tennis match in a glacier 3,450 meters above sea level in 2014 as part of a campaign for Lindt Chocolate.

Here are images from their match: Tennis matches are played in a glacier 3,450 meters above sea level by Lindsey Vonn and Roger Federer.

Federer is the GOAT in the eyes of Lindsey Vonn.

In an interview from 2021, Lindsey Vonn cited Roger Federer as the greatest male tennis champion in history.

At the same time, Lindsey made it known that she admires Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer‘s major competition. “I respect Rafael Nadal because of what he accomplished, especially on clay, but I was and am a Roger Federer supporter.

He will always be the finest person ever in my opinion. He is really balanced and plays with a lot of grace. I think you can scarcely do better than him, and it’s good to see how much all of his admirers like him. The best record isn’t always the one with the best numbers; we need to go further. Records are significant.

Federer is more than just tennis player, and not everyone is like him, thus he must face obstacles that extend beyond his chosen sport and hinder him.” In 2012, Vonn also emphasized Federer‘s modesty. “I’m inspired by the way he continues coming back to win in his sport.

He truly is among the finest athletes of all time, in my opinion. The most affable and sincere athlete I’ve ever met is Roger. He genuinely cares about people, and it’s amazing what he’s accomplished with his foundation and other charitable endeavors.

He works really hard and is quite humble, but what I admire most about him is that he always acts the same way whether he wins or loses. He wants to be a good example for children and wants them to look up to him. He is my hero because I aspire to be like him. I also want to serve as a decent role model for children.