Roger Federer won’t abandon tennis, according to top coach

Roger Federer unexpectedly announced his retirement from tennis in a farewell letter a few hours ago, literally shocking the tennis community. All of the followers knew that this day will arrive at 41 years old sooner or later, but the actual announcement day is always “difficult.”

Roger made the following announcement via his social media accounts: Next week, at the Laver Cup, he will make his final significant appearance before officially bidding tennis, the sport that made him famous, farewell. “To my tennis friends there, and more.

The greatest gift that tennis has ever provided me is without a doubt the opportunity to meet new people along the journey, including my friends, opponents, and, most importantly, fans. I have some news to share with you today.

Everyone is aware that the past three years have been difficult for me due to injuries. Despite my best efforts, my body gave me obvious signals to stay away. I’ve been treated better by tennis than I could have ever imagined, but I must accept that the moment has come to put a stop to my professional career.

My last ATP competition will be the Laver Cup in London the following week. I shall no longer compete in circuit tournaments or Grand Slams. Making this choice has been difficult since I will miss everything the tennis community has done for me.

There are numerous reasons to rejoice at the same moment.” Through a social message, numerous Swiss phenomenon supporters from the past and present bid the Swiss phenomenon farewell. Everyone has said goodbye to Roger, from Sinner and Alcaraz to Rafael Nadal, and even some former celebrities have tweeted their support for the Swiss champion.

Federer departs following the Laver Cup.

Roger Federer‘s longtime coach, Severin Luthi, claimed that the 20-time Grand Slam victor will be remembered most for being a good guy. “I believe his kindness will be the main thing people remember about him.

That matters more than whether you took home more or fewer titles. His consideration for others as well as how he conducted himself around them. Roger has helped make players regard one another with more respect “Luthi stated.

“In the changing room, he converses with everyone. It makes no difference who it is. He puts the individual first. Yes, his accomplishments won’t be quickly forgotten. However, I believe that the human element is even more crucial. What I also consider to be very encouraging is that I know he won’t abandon tennis “Added he.