“Wolverine” After retiring, Hugh Jackman pays tribute to Roger Federer

Hugh Jackman, a well-known actor, sent Roger Federer a greeting in appreciation of his distinguished tennis career. “You have imprinted your own, irreplaceable mark on the game of tennis. I’m grateful. Hugh Jackman commented on Roger Federer‘s farewell video, “Love HJ.

Hugh Jackman was once compelled to climb 15 storeys by Federer. Hugh Jackman, best known for playing Wolverine, recorded himself beginning to climb 15 levels of stairs in 2020 after Roger Federer asked prominent people and professional tennis players to share their personal home workout regimens.

Roger, those trick shots were awesome! Sadly, we don’t have tennis courts in our New York City residence. But we have a lot of these, which you people don’t have (filming the stairs). Hugh Jackman can be heard in the video saying, “15 floors, baby.

After witnessing Jackman’s quick answer to his challenge, Federer was compelled to bring up the role that gave Hugh a significant portion of the current renown he enjoys.

“Wolverine never switches out of beast mode. 15 stories, baby!” Federer made a post on Instagram.

The announcement of Roger Federer‘s retirement

“The people I’ve met along the way—my friends, my rivals, and most importantly the fans who give the sport its life—have undoubtedly been the greatest gifts tennis has given me, to my tennis family and beyond.

I wanted to let you all know some news today,” Federer began by making a statement. “As many of you are aware, the last three years have been difficult for me due to injuries and operations. I’ve put a lot of effort into getting back to my best for competition.

The message my body has been sending me lately is clear, but I am also aware of its potential and limitations. In my 41st year. In the past 24 years, I have participated in almost 1500 matches. Tennis has been more generous to me than I could have ever imagined, but now I have to decide whether to call it quits on my competitive career.

My last ATP competition will be the Laver Cup in London the following week. Of course, I’ll continue to play tennis, just not in Grand Slam tournaments or on the pro tour.”