When he remarked, “I’d want to play the piano for Mirka,” Roger Federer

Tennis has actually been suspended since that video announcement to honor one of the greatest players in history because Roger Federer will retire at the conclusion of the next Lever Cup. possibly the best ever. However, Roger Federer is more than the sum of his abilities, personality, and successes.

Like every individual, the Basel phenomenon is a focal point of storytelling.

Roger had to make a decision, and it was one that was forced by his ongoing physical issues. Many had hoped that in 2023, the Maestro could reward himself to one final trip on the carousel, but the former ATP No. 1 knew he could not continue.

The 20-time Grand Slam victor is unable to play in a singles match because he will not even take part in the ATP event in Basel. The 41-year-old Swiss man has endured a dreadful two and a half years due to a severe right knee injury.

Despite having three surgeries, Roger’s body no longer let him to play at a high level.

When he remarked, “I’d want to play the piano for Mirka,” Roger Federer

Roger is a proficient pianist. He has demonstrated his talent on numerous occasions, and he freely acknowledges that he enjoys playing the piano to surprise his wife Mirka.

At the time, Roger said: “I had delight playing the piano once more. Being back at the piano today was a lot of fun, but when I was younger, my parents urged me to play the piano. Of course, my head was in tennis, so the piano was always a little bit more difficult for me.

To some extent, I still believe I still possess it. I still need to practice, but if I waited just a little bit longer, I would have more time to pick up the piano again in preparation for the possibility of surprising my wife one day with a song.”