“When you see Roger Federer play,” a specialist adds

Compared to other players, Novak Djokovic took a while to honor Roger Federer. Maybe he needed to think things through a little more carefully or just look for the proper words to describe how he felt about the Swiss, who yesterday announced his exit from the stage in a public statement.

After the Laver Cup in London the following week, the Swiss champion will say goodbye. Djokovic represented a significant rival in Federer‘s career, in addition to Nole‘s presentation, and he will be able to call on Nadal and Murray for one final unforgettable dance with the “Fab 4”.

Additionally, the persona who most likely defied his greatest dream—winning the Championship in 2019—broke it more than any other. The Swiss, who had enjoyed the ATP Tour in stops and turns, without continuity, and always with some ailment involved, have seen things start to fall apart gradually after the Wimbledon final dated 2019.

With the Serbian winning 27 of the fifty legally played games, the DjokovicFederer rivalry was one of the longest in the history of the game. Roger Federer to Novak Djokovic: “Roger, it is tough to confront this day and put into words everything we have enjoyed together in this sport. You were an example of perfection, the Serbian wrote, attaching the most evocative images of friendship and rivalry to the letter.

More than ten years’ worth of fantastic experiences and conflicts came to memory. Your professional life serves as an example of what it means to lead with integrity and grace while achieving greatness. Meeting you on and off the field, as well as in the upcoming years, has been an honor.”

Federer opted to end his career.

Patrick Mouratoglou, a tennis coach, has most recently added his name to the expanding list of well-known figures who have offered Roger Federer heartfelt condolences. Roger, in my opinion, is the best tennis ambassador, claims Mouratoglou.

“Nobody can play tennis like him, and it’s unlikely that anyone ever can, but he plays it the way everyone would love to play it. The first thing you notice when seeing Roger play is his great talent and fluidity, but we have seen countless other guys throughout the years play with similar talent and fluidity.

They have never achieved a Grand Slam. He won 20. Why? Because he is a real warrior and a fantastic fighter, he constantly considered every single point in every single match “Added he.